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 The Post- Modern Crisis Of Social Morality And Ethics

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PostSubject: The Post- Modern Crisis Of Social Morality And Ethics Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:47 pm

It used to be that morality and ethics could be defended by god or religion but then the scientific revolution came in destroying all conveniences of that.

Infact tracing morality or ethics historically god and religion is where it all originated as concepts.

Without either morality and ethics as systematic beliefs or ideals would of never been able to socially evolve like they have within time.

Next it was thought that morality and ethics could be defended by concepts like society, government, or social order but various contradictions now are eroding the entire fabric of those premises leaving them completely bared naked.

Contradiction shows a level of imperfection inherited and with imperfections there begs the question of why a continuance of obedience to such flawed values need to go on any further.

What then does the post modern state have in store for morality or ethics?

The modern state of philosophical morality or ethics is in a state of crisis for moral philosophers everywhere are coming to know that no matter how hard they try to idealize either relativism, emotivism, skepticism, and nihilism is hindering their ability to construct a objectifiable directed centralized value on the issue.

The various contradictions of government, society, and social order are becoming numerous where even that as the last safe bastion of morality or ethics is becoming completely destroyed by it's own weight.

So, what does post modern morality and ethics look like within it's current crisis? It is one where moral philosophers and those within control or authority of society don't even bother trying to defend their assumed principles anymore as the central theme of maintaining authority becomes the only thing matters. Maintaining control is the only thing that matters in the post modern theme of morality and ethics where explanations of either don't really matter at all.

It is one where beliefs or ideology is not explained but rather simply enforced at gun point through using fear of pain and punishment.

It is one where moral beliefs and ideologies are enforced by violent coercive methods alone not by reason.

Physical pain and punishment then becomes the only instrumental basis that is left to a post modern crisis of morality or ethics as both are the only foundations left to it still standing.

The only foundation left of post modern ethics and morality is the tyranny of control.

The tyranny to inflict pain and punishment.

Once you dissect the assumed truths out of morality and ethics violence becomes the only means both have left in order to enact their means of influence on other people or the world in general.

This becomes the error and failure of the post modern paradigm of morality or ethics. This becomes it's crisis.
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The Post- Modern Crisis Of Social Morality And Ethics
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