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 Lessons from Nature

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PostSubject: Re: Lessons from Nature Sun May 28, 2017 6:03 am

(feline) (likeness)

Hypothesis: One cannot be completely objective, they can only negate the morphic parts of their own psyche (as human).

Like one who has their vision partially blocked, one must quantitatively create an objective and full picture by repeated additions of sensory information that have had the anthropomorphic elements reduced/eliminated. Knowing self is a necessary basis for eliminating anthropomorphic qualities from perception.

The asserted ability to eliminate and pretense of being able to achieve utter anthropomorphic annihilation, is necessarily what causes nihilism. They are arrogant idiots that end up throwing out the whole perceptual picture instead of reflectively selected parts. And throwing it all out just means it all being there, and surrendering their ability to recognize and cognitively reduce their own morphic bias.

Perhaps also, if they are viewing something bad to them, they will remove themselves from it (anthropomorphic content). When an idiot is saying something isn't true, that obviously is - they're in denial.
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PostSubject: Re: Lessons from Nature Mon May 29, 2017 5:05 pm

We have a difficult time differentiating between Chinese individuals but the more time we spend studying them, the easier it gets.
Apparently, for Chinese, it's likewise difficult to differentiate between European faces.
We don't recognise the details, we don't look for them, instead we have some rough template for the Asian face.

As for cats, I think their vision is not their strong point anyway. But they do seem to identify individuals via smell and sound (the way somebody walks and voice for example) very well.
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PostSubject: Re: Lessons from Nature Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:33 am

The power of nature is that is generates constant pressure/tension, that in turn, alacrity releases into initiative for survival, and the result is a mere chance occurrence based on the fitness of the organism. Black and white reality being displayed in this beautiful scene.

These moderns, in their comatose state of awareness are all walking appetizers, waiting to be picked off. But, unlike these amphibious creatures, which are born with the ability to grow and develop, and thus pose a threat to other would be prey for them and nature, giving them the quality to be eaten; moderns are the excreted waste of nature that has no sustenance value anymore. The desire to make it to the open sea and to a possible future is not only contemptible for them because it has no value of its own, but because nothing they were born from ever new anything but the inside of the egg, rotting away into atrophied death.

Its not the honor of the sprint to existence, or to death, for them, its the slow limp into sickness, in all its forms.
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PostSubject: Re: Lessons from Nature Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:08 pm

What holds true for physical, or genetic viruses, holds true for mental, memetic viruses.

I call these memetic viruses [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and have discovered some basic [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] that manifest in an infected host, an dis-ease mind, as idea(l)s expressed as thinking/acting/behaving.

Such parasites mask as harmless, or as belonging to the hosts own processes.
Mental viruses mask as benign, altruistic, or invigorating ideologies.
You can distinguish them by the tactics they use....a basic tactic is detachment from world.
Genetic and memetic viruses cannot survive outside a host, a body/mind.

They revert to a static, crystalline form.....memetic viruses return to being symbols/words in books, awaiting a mind prepared to be infected, to read them.
They are harmless, impotent, no their own....and must hijack a host to become lethal in the real world.
Memetic viruses are meaningless beyond human brains. Without the agency of a human being, they are nonsensical abstractions with no references in the phenomenal world.
This is the basic distinguishing marker of memetic viruses....they require a mind for their abstractions/concepts to find validity in the host's emotions, sensations, including pleasure, because the words representing them have no connection to anything outside the mind of the host.
It is powerless, impotent, without a host. It ceases to exist outside a host.
Infected minds use words disconnected from natural order....they are noetic contraptions with no reference to any phenomenon, to any behavior, activity, outside the mind. This is both a weakness and a strength.
Weakness is in detachment, that it is meaningless without hijacking an an agent, and strength is also found in its detachment form reality, because it is not restricted by anything beyond the mind, so it can exploit this to exploit any organic weakness, unhindered by any external natural order.
sentence structure sequences of words, application of words, are all directed by a desired emotional, pleasing effect, and not restricted by any external order.
Imagination becomes pure fantasy.

The conversion point is where abstraction, or representation, is inverted into more real than the reality it represents.
This is the weakness through which the virus infects the mind.
The noumenon becomes more real than the phenomenon it refers the point where it is no longer required.
The noumenon becomes "purified" or abstracted to the point of mystification - it becomes pure idea(l), and as such, it can be anything, to anyone, because now its only reference point is the host's well-being, its emotions, desires, hopes, fears, its vanity etc.
It is narcissistic, referring back to itself.

So 'love' as the viral expression of Christianity, is about loving love, or loving god, who loves you in return.
The concept 'love' is detached form reality, and converted to pure noumenon.
It loves loving love (god)....narcissistic lostness in its own reflection, in its own noetic constructs.
From evolved mechanism facilitating cooperative reproduction and survival strategies, ti becomes a idea(l) that is so meaningless that it can mean anything.
Participating others are assimilated into the collective infection, validating the self-referential delusion by becoming the mirror that reflects back to the narcissistic, solipsistic mind, its own hopes, dreams, emotions.
The other is crucial in the preservation of the virus, because without brains the virus is meaningless, it reverts back to harmless code awaiting a new host.
The collective is part of the virus's field of effect - its range of power, because on its own it is impotent, powerless, requiring a host to become powerful, to gain meaning.

Whereas words used normally refer to phenomena that do not cease to exist if the brain dies, or does not perceive them, or is not aware of nihilism there is no phenomenon, no objective is all subjective, all noetic, all esoteric, all ideology, theory, abstraction.
Without other infected minds to share in the dis-ease, it has zero references, and so no power, no meaning.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Lessons from Nature

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Lessons from Nature
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