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 racial laws

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PostSubject: racial laws Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:06 am

The other day I saw a short, scrawny white kid dating a mixed girl.

I was already trying to fight a bad mood, but this triggered me to the point of pure hatred.

They were so happy together. I could not believe my own eyes.

This short scrawny little white kid, was dating one of my girls, a mixed chick, one of my own race.

That happiness, deserved to be me. I cannot believe he was stealing my happiness from me, I was supposed to be there, holding her, being happy with her, and instead, another person from another race, was stealing my own race from me.

I feel like the grinch. I want to ruin their lives. I want to see both of them unhappy and miserable, like they both deserve.

Aeon was right. We need to make racial laws. Anyone who dates someone outside their own race needs to be punished.

I cannot take it anymore. This is a travesty, a travesty. I cannot take the pain of seeing mixed girls betray me like this, they are traitors, traitors I say.

I am not allowed to date a white girl, I am not allowed to date a black girl, yet somehow, I can't date mixed girls, because mixed girls are allowed to date whoever they please, and I never see them dating their own race, this is an insult.

If this is how it feels to other races I empathize, it is a travesty to be betrayed by your own race like this.

The only people that should be allowed to date other races are homosexuals. But heterosexuals should be forced to date their own race. This will cause everyone to be happy and live happily ever after, being truly happy with their own race. I realize the women I truly love the most are mixed chicks. This is the natural rightful way of things. If mixed chicks date white dudes it will dilute both of our races. Best is for racial laws to punish those who date outside of their race.

Also, the dude looked almost the same as Eliot Rodgers, and was shorter than the girl, and scrawny as fuck, Nature y do u do this 2 me, the cosmos hath forsaken me. fuckkkkkkkkk this planet. i hate this world so much.

all i ask is for the rightful right to be a bully. Dont want to go on a killing spree like Eliot Rodgers, all I ask is the right to shove scrawny runts like them in lockers, steal the girls that are rightfully ought to be mine, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: racial laws Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:33 am

wow, you are crazier than i thought...
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racial laws
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