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 Natural Life and Health "Hacks"

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PostSubject: Natural Life and Health "Hacks" Natural Life and Health "Hacks" EmptyThu Feb 18, 2016 10:02 pm

Natural deodorant / emergency body odor killing
Mix a few drops lugol's iodine (any percent) into a spray bottle filled with water, to where it's just turning orange or however much you feel safe with. If you are in a rush for whatever reason and cannot shower, spray some of the solution on your armpits. The odor is completely obliterated. I don't suggest for use for hygiene on any other part of the body. It could also be a decent replacement for deodorant, if you don't like the unnatural chemicals on your skin. Note it will likely stain whatever you dry it off with. For maximum effectiveness, spread the solution around your armpit with your hand. Not even your hand will smell as if there's odor.

Sugar free replacement for sugar cravings / appetite killer
Warm some virgin coconut oil and consume. I usually mix it with warm yogurt (microwaved). It will also help kill your appetite. I suggest only a tablespoon or even less to start out. The MCTs in the coconut oil are fast acting ketonic fuel for the brain. At least 45% of coconut oil's saturated fat is Lauric acid, which does not put pounds on your body but is instead quickly turned into fuel. Saturated fat itself is becoming largely vindicated in recent health trends. Sugar and carbs are what make the pounds get put on. For more info check out info on the ketogenic diet.

As I find more, I'll post more. Please feel free to share your own.
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PostSubject: Re: Natural Life and Health "Hacks" Natural Life and Health "Hacks" EmptyFri Feb 19, 2016 1:56 am

I only use water if needed, just a splash and you are fresh, no need at all for another artificial scent. I have nothing to hide, even when I have sweated all day I don't smell that much otherwise my scent will attract / disencourage potential women, good filter.

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PostSubject: Re: Natural Life and Health "Hacks" Natural Life and Health "Hacks" EmptyFri Feb 19, 2016 4:22 am

Sugar, fat and salt are greatly stimulating your appetite (even if you do get all your minerals and vitamins and so on). That's why people can usually always eat a small dessert even if they feel already full.
People are also creatures of habit, if there is no high calorie snack at hand in the fridge then people won't eat it impulsively. In turn when people do get hungry there should be something with more complex carbs at hand to eat.

It's natural that we enjoy sugar, fat and salt, that's what a healthy body does but the habitat we live in is not the habitat where those qualities evolved and provided health. Changing the habitat, the contents of the fridge for example, goes a long way.
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Natural Life and Health "Hacks" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Natural Life and Health "Hacks" Natural Life and Health "Hacks" Empty

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Natural Life and Health "Hacks"
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