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PostSubject: Re: Projects Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:55 am

I was responding to the general thread of these conversational posts and what is displayed by several of the posters is a fundamental fear, which is being expressed via the anger and rage towards women.  Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, both sexes have a deep seated primordial fear of their opposite and as you have expressed elsewhere, men can and do have the fear of the feminine in themselves, as women can have the fear of the masculine also.  The defensive hostility toward women here, by some male posters translates into their fear of losing their masculine power.

BTW.  I do not think men and women are equal.  That was not my philosophy as I pointed out, but please feel free to take every opportunity to discredit me.
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PostSubject: Re: Projects Sun Jun 29, 2014 2:35 am

Very good folks

Allemotion noreason, the female menstrual cycle is not comparable to the male reproductive system. As males we can suppress sexual release indefinitely, although there are reports of increased cancer risk if a male does not have sex or masturbate over long periods of time. I don't know how accurate this claim is. For females it's easier to understand. A female has limited eggs, and your body, your instincts, dislike it when you go another month without fulfilling your purpose in life, which is to have babies.

Maybe that's the reason why females get so moody and hormone depleted during the period. Your body is telling you that you're not doing as you should, which is, having reproductive sex with fit males.

Also I've heard a theory that a female's moodiness helps her disassociate and break contact with males during her period and the end of her menstrual cycle, because the habitual, long term mate she is with, is an unsuccessful male. He may be impotent.

Erik wrote:
What are you producing?
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Also I'm outlining arguments and rationales to build my project about free will. I want to go in depth into the topics of determinism, predeterminism, choice, freedom, will, and power.
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PostSubject: Re: Projects Wed Jul 02, 2014 3:30 am

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PostSubject: Re: Projects Wed Oct 29, 2014 6:24 pm

phoneutria wrote:
Æon wrote:
phoneutria wrote:
I'd be willing to bet I've created more than you two together.
Phonee, do you understand your female nature yet???????

What is claimed, routinely, almost daily around here????  A female insinuates, but, cannot back herself up.

So.....shut, the fuck, up, mmmkay?

I don't give a shit about your empty insinuations and implications.  Put up or shut up.  Demonstrate.  Act.  Less talk.  More walk.

You're the one talking about bridges and skyscrapers, and I'm the one with the engineering degree.

Look kiddo, a ball!

Go play go!

Okay, then she's not as dumb after all.

She may have a degree, but does she hold licensure...
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PostSubject: Re: Projects

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